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You are the senshi, and the senshi is you! What do I mean?

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were a real sailor senshi? Well know we shall find out! This is your life as a sailor senshi mixed together with other people just like you!

This RP is for serious RP-ers only!

So does this sound like you? Do you want to be a senshi? Than you need to fill out this form and If everything is in order I will accept and you may begin. Also original characters are aloud and are now being accepted! Please fill out the same form but add in your attacks and your Sailor name.


1. You may only play 1 character.
2. You must update at least once a week.
3. Please be truethful when filling out form.


Zodiac and Guardian Planet:
Outfit (senshi):
(ie, colour of bows, skirt, sailor part, boots/shoes,)
Outfit (normal):
Other Info:

Based on the above criteria you will get your senshi, please be honest do not just say you are born on June 30th just so you can play Sailor Moon, this is supposed to be as close to the real thing as possible. The only thing that will be like the real Sailor Moon is the names, the fact that you gotta fight evil, the attacks, and the basic look of the uniform. Even the relationships you make are your own! YOu can have a crush on, be friends with, be enemies with, hate, love , etc. whoever you choose!

ALSO: Each person has a guardian animal that talks and helps them out. Can be any animal but I will need to know:


Each senshi starts out in their own location and are defending it from evil when their guardian animals tell them that a larger evil is coming and they need to group up with the other senshi around the world. Each senshi did not know there were others and when they first meet there is a fight thinking each other is bad till the animals step in.

Yet another Sailor Moon RP with a twist! The Sailor Senshi are just kids, to give you a mental image Usagi is 9, Hotaru is 7, Michiru is 12.

The senshi are just learning how to use their powers because Queen Serenity sensed that danger was near, so Luna is teaching them when the power goes out and everyone is put to sleep by some weird evil force except them and their guardian cats.

They must now find and defeat this evil force before it defeats them, and they must master their new powers to do it.

NEED: Mercury, Uranus and Tuxedo Kamen

This is an RPG that mixes Sailor Moon Season 1, 2 (R) and 5(StarS) Firsty swtch Mamoru and Seiya's places. Seiya is Usagi's true love but he is still a Starlight and goes along the StarS plot for getting her. There is a Tuxedo Kamen but he is Sailor Mars boyfriend. Way back in the Moon Kingdom Usagi fell in love with a falling star (ie Prince Seiya NOT Endymion) In the beggining of the RP (is like Season 1) They were sent to Earth to live a happy life but evil shows up! The outer senshi in the beggining are the only ones who know about the Moon Kingdom and are supposed to watch over the Princess and protect her if anything comes up, well something does and with help from Luna they become the Sailor Senshi. The evil in this case is a mix (season 1 and 2) With Queen Beryl and Prince Dimande. The Starlights and the Senshi do not know that each other is who they are (yet) Starlights are searching for their Princess to aid them in battle. Usagi does not know she is a Princess yet, she thinks she is just a Sailor Senshi, outers know but will not tell her yet. In the beggining of this RP the senshi are already highschool students when they find out about being senshi. They also transfrom into their most powerful forms to begin with (Ie. Eternal Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Jupiter etc.) Chibi-Usa (age 12) appears in the begginging as well looking for the legendary Sailor Senshi to get the silver crystal to protect herself and her mom from the evil (Beryl and Dimande - yes he loves Usagi) She is Usagi and Seiya's first daughter. Chibi-Chibi)age 7) also appears following Chibi-Usa as her sister, as well as Diana who follows to make sure everything is all right. She is Seiya and Usagi's second child, but only the outers know that they are their children (not gunna tell them yet of course) We begin the story like every other day until Jadite appears and causes havoc. The Inner Senshi are born, the Outer Senshi make their appearance - have been friends with the girls for long time (Inners are friends in beginning too) The outers transform in front of them and then the Inner Senshi are born. Starlights appear to help battle. Seiya and Usagi are not yet a couple he is an idol, but goes to her school (like the StarS season)

NNED: Luna, Mercury, Jupiter, and all the villians 'cept Beryl and Dimande

During a fight with Nehelenia, Sailor Moon saves the day but at the expense of her love Mamoru. And with Mamoru gone Chibi-Usa also dissapeers leaving Usagi depressed. She quits the Sailor Senshi and vows to be a normal girl again. Things are fine until Galaxia and her minions show up. The outers and inners are fighting the evil without Usagi as she will not bare to lose anyone else because of her. Usagi then meets Seiya and after a lot of coaxing he gets her to go out with him and are now madly in love with each other. But Seyia has a secret (his senshi form) and Usagi has a secret (her past) Galaxia's minions go stronger and the senshi fear they need their leader back.

NEED: Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, PLuto, Star Maker, StarHealer, Kakyuu, Galaxia, Mouse, Siren, Crow, Luna, Artemis and Diana

anime_rpg Just getting started pick any anime character (or video game) and jump on in!

original_rpg Make up a character and jump on in! Lots of fun!!!!


Ever have a blonde moment? Wether your blonde or not, have a blonde moment orblonde joke to share this is the community for you!!!

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