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The Secrets we Keep - BSSM RP *Just Opening*

This is a very *NEW* Sailor Moon RPG and as a result we're currently looking for players. At times this group may take on more adult situations, so you must be at least 17 years of age to join. We're asking that all memeber have a good grasp of the entire Sailor Moon series, either manga or anime, if you wish to join. We'll be using aspects from both the anime and manga though we leave it up to individual player to decide which of the two versions they would like to use to portray their character.

The role play takes place directily after the end of the Stars season. The Sailor Starlights have returned to Kinmoku their home planet and things seem to be slowing down for once. Setsuna has returned to the time gate, but Chibi-usa opted to stay with Usagi and Mamoru. While it hadn’t been easy, the Senshi slowly slipped back into the patterns of their old lives and while they were slowly slipping apart, they always were listening or watching for some sign of evil any sign that some evil force was once again threatening their peace. Things however had been too quiet for far to long and the Senshi were not able to catch the latest threat until it was virtually too late.

The latest evil in the form of a young girl who’s magic was unmerited in this or any other realm, made her home on earth. She had a devious plan on how to bring the Earths greatest warriors to their glorious downfall. It would be a tricky plan one that required the darkest magic you could find. She would use her magic to trap the senshi in a plane of illusion, one that brought forth only their darkest fears. They would manifest into a corporeal form and then terrorize the senshi to the point of mental breakage. She suspected that the Senshi would try to find a way to fight her, but knew that this time they would unsure of how to proceed.

After all, how does one fight its worst nightmare, when the nightmare is merely yourself?

If I've caught your attention, please think about joining us:

Main Characters Currently Available: Usagi, Chibi-usa, Mamoru, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Setsuna, Hotaru, Luna, Artemis, Diana. Some Original Character spots are open too.
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