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OOC: Post - New Bad Guys

((BTW I am suffering from an overactive imagination))

Hey I made some journals for some bad guys, seeing that we had a lack of some. I would rather play them all but I will allow other people to take some part in the baddness if they want. I going to make a journal for "the Silver Queen" who I want to be our RPG's version of Queen beryl. I am not going to play her. I will leave her up for anybody to play. I will only play her until someone new or one of you two takes her ^_^. You can change the Icons too if you want.

Basically our bad guys our a whole bunch of silver haired guys and a girl who want to take over the earth. I haven't decided what their powers or motives are yet, but I will...

So if anyone wants to take over one of the silver_hotties let me know... I claim Makenshi. He's just too hott to give up ^_^. But Kunzite and Kakashi are up for grabs if anyone wants them. They don't nessisarily have to be those characters either. They can be originals. I just wanted to give everyone a chance to partake in the evilness if they wanted...

Much Love - David
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